I’m sorry, I’m kinda sick of top tens. I’m growing weary of sitting on a chair somewhere while my toddler is pooping in his diaper behind that chair and deciding not to click on the 10th top ten essay I’ve been prompted to read that 1/2 hour. Can we just cool it with the top tens? I mean not forever. Even if it’s just for a fleeting couple of months? I need a top ten breakie.

Do they get initial attention? Probably. Does it somehow kinda cheapen what the writer could have said if not feeling semi strong-armed into a KDG breakdown? Possibly.
“We really like what you’re saying here. But yeahhhh, if you could go ahead and put these extremely original thoughts into a TOP TEN format, that’d be great.”

No, I can’t turn my essay into a top ten. I have actually seen some writers take just regular ol’ paragraphs and start numbering them!! Hahaaa! What? We can’t read anymore? We have to have numbers to help us move on to the next paragraph? Oooh, what’s number seven gonna be. I dare you to skip to number ten and then go *back*!

Will I ever write a top ten? Oh probably. I’m a chronic hypocrite on most subjects anyhow.
Sorry for being whiny today. It just is what it is.
And no, I’m not gonna write “sorry not sorry”. I’m currently hatin’ on that, too.
And also because I really AM sorry.

Ok byeeeee!