Liberty through Laughter

A woman's adventure through motherhood and the Midwest
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Liberty through Laughter...My Journey

When I turned 38, I’d officially been a mom longer in my life than I hadn’t. That was a weird realization – that the majority of my life, I’d been thinking about at least one other human in a vulnerable/inexplicable way that made me feel both complete and incompetent.

In this vein of humility, lie stories of humor and humanity that needed a platform to reside. So in 2015 I began this little blog and started writing about the defenseless side of parenting – especially in regard to being a single mom…Read More

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“What is it about seeing a person’s breath outside in the cold? A subtle but tangible reminder that there’s warmth inside of us spilling into the world.”

Courtney Norris


Why Ursuline Academy is Still Important

Does Ursuline Academy still matter?  The school closed in 2007. I've heard various schools of thought: From "How sad...Ursuline's closing. Oh well. Time to move on. Gotta let it go. People need to get over it. It happened, it was a great place, and now it's over." To...

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yellow plastic rosary in my face

Was in kitchen. Scott had just arrived home and had changed out of his work clothes. 8PM or so. We were just trying to find a common ground regarding our different types of days, and the very different kind of work we both do each day as sleep-deprived parents. I, for...

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