Liberty through Laughter

A woman's adventure through motherhood and the Midwest
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Liberty through Laughter...My Journey

When I turned 38, I’d officially been a mom longer in my life than I hadn’t. That was a weird realization – that the majority of my life, I’d been thinking about at least one other human in a vulnerable/inexplicable way that made me feel both complete and incompetent.

In this vein of humility, lie stories of humor and humanity that needed a platform to reside. So in 2015 I began this little blog and started writing about the defenseless side of parenting – especially in regard to being a single mom…Read More

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“What is it about seeing a person’s breath outside in the cold? A subtle but tangible reminder that there’s warmth inside of us spilling into the world.”

Courtney Norris


Celebrating Sisterhood

It was end of winter at the park. I saw three women walking - heads down, hands in pockets of their jackets. They were walking briskly. I passed them a couple of times. They were good friends, that much I could tell. It was plainly clear that one of them was...

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‘Peacing out’ for a Spell

It's not that I don't enjoy a light/easy girls' night out with friends - ones I hope to get closer with down the line, ones I've not seen in awhile that I genuinely miss.  It's not that. It's that I'm ugly-tired and time alone is really scarce, and I don't even bounce...

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Stay home mom, you’re doing the work of God

The other day: I was running my bootie off with two little girls and breaking my lower back lifting 30 lb toddler everywhere I went. It was time to be somewhere, twenty minutes ago, and of course little man pooped right when everyone was heading to car. "Put them in...

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Accepting My Son’s ADHD Diagnosis

Something about seeing your small child running up ahead of you, over a hill, a flowering field, a long beach... Something about that picturesque view of their small body surrounded by a vast gorgeous nature and their sweet/innocent laughter getting fainter as they...

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