I wouldn’t have listened, but then again I probably wouldn’t know these things today if I had:

Having adult children is way harder than having babies. Way.

Booze is overrated.

Sleep is not overrated.

Don’t be the person who is “just trying to help” and not only isn’t, but is actually making things a little worse.

Don’t impose your religious beliefs (or agnostic beliefs) on anyone who didn’t ask. It doesn’t matter to them; it’s an exercise in futility. Live out your own beliefs.

If you want to do something new, and the only thing stopping you from doing it is fear, definitely do it. It will end up being one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. More fear to overcome, more reward (to the world, not just you).

Take a snapshot in time of what it feels like before social media – someday you will struggle and want to remember what it felt like having only email (not even texting) as a way to send and share electronic pictures and messages. There were no “virtual platforms”. Try to remember what that feels like.

Don’t be afraid of someone stealing your words or original ideas. Yes, it sucks, but if it’s for the greater good, it’s your obligation to share. Don’t ever operate under someone else’s wrongness. You’ll come up with more gifts to share because you’re you – and there’s only one of you.

I don’t think people are bitter about the love you have in your life when you’re genuinely grateful for it. Don’t ever be ashamed to express gratitude about the love in your life. Give humans credit – believe in the goodness of humanity.

‘What you think you want out of life’ will one day change to ‘What you want to contribute to the world.’ Living life in light of the latter is so much better, and you will be happy.


your 42YO self