I teach them to love humans (especially themselves) no matter what. If they can love their life, their body, and their own person, loving other humans without judgment will come with ease. We listen to music, play the piano and read every day – that’s something! 

I’ve taught my kids that for whatever reason, we are privileged and that most people on this planet have way less than we do. I show them, and we greet others face to face.

I try to give in and laugh when things feel really hard and heavy, and when I do, they follow suit. They rely on me so much…even for their own emotions at times. It’s a lot of pressure, but they always forgive me when I fail them because I genuinely apologize to them when I do. 

The raw beauty of motherhood is a big part of me, but I’m a lot more than that, too. 

They know this, and they witness my struggle with that balance. They cheer for me, and they pick me up when I need help. They see me fighting for my own individuality and space, my marriage with their great daddy, our family, and our community/world. I want them to know they mustn’t ever settle. Have fun, and be present, but the work and the learning is never done.

These memoirs
some funny, some heavy, some sweet…they make up little snippets of my life here in the patch. (The patch is my hometown in the heartland of this country)

I hope you enjoy!