…On Beauty



2 thoughts on “…On Beauty

  1. I just Read your story and I have a son that is going to be turning 18 in November and i had to go and get permanent guardianship and the judge granted it so it’ll start in November when he turns 18 I am what you call is a helicopter mom my 3 kids don’t like it at all but I feel I have to protect my kids because I have three kids with disabilities my son that’s gonna be 18 he has Tourette’s syndrome autism excited ADHD and OCD so I think I have to protect him because people make fun of him so I argue with people because I’m fighting for my son that’s what I feel and then I have a 16-year-old that has autism excited he OCD and have a 20-year-old that has ADD bipolar and dyslexia so I feel like I have to fight my kisses fight I have to protect my kids because I feel bad because they came up this way and I feel like I Hurt them because they came out the way they did I know I did not hurt them in any way god is the one that gave them to me because god know I will love them and protect them and god know what ever my kids have god know I would love care protect them at all cost they are my love my heart and my hole World my life I love my kids so much and I do make sure they are always watched all ways watched in school and if they are not in school they are with me at home I don’t even like leaving my baby’s home with there dad I don’t trust any one with my kids my baby’s


    1. My son with Tourette’s syndrome autism OCD he was diagnosed when he was 2 1/2 year old I know there was something wrong with him so I toke him to his. Pediatrician and then he did a referral for a specialist and that’s when he was diagnosed with Tourette’s symptom and then at about 3 years old he was diagnosed with autism I take all my kids to the dr if I think if something is wrong with them and the dr will tell me if there is something wrong or Iam just beening overprotective Because I have all ways been over protectived my kids are my baby’s I will do anything for I love them And Iam known as a helicopter mom and I will never let it land I will always be that my kids protector


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