Liberty through Laughter

A woman's adventure through motherhood and the Midwest
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Liberty through Laughter...My Journey

When I turned 38, I’d officially been a mom longer in my life than I hadn’t. That was a weird realization – that the majority of my life, I’d been thinking about at least one other human in a vulnerable/inexplicable way that made me feel both complete and incompetent.

In this vein of humility, lie stories of humor and humanity that needed a platform to reside. So in 2015 I began this little blog and started writing about the defenseless side of parenting – especially in regard to being a single mom…Read More

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Mamas, This Is For When It’s Time To Let Them Fly

“What is it about seeing a person’s breath outside in the cold? A subtle but tangible reminder that there’s warmth inside of us spilling into the world.”

Courtney Norris


Memorial Day Weekend 2019, Washington D.C.

Memorial Day weekend this year was extremely dichotomous. The pain of separation from my family and the freedom to visit our nation’s capital for the first time in my life. The gratitude to be alive in the land of the free and walk the Vietnam Memorial and the aching...

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If I Could’ve had a Chat with my 22YO Self…

I wouldn't have listened, but then again I probably wouldn't know these things today if I had: Having adult children is way harder than having babies. Way. Booze is overrated. Sleep is not overrated. Don't be the person who is "just trying to help" and not only isn't,...

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The Hallway is a little Dark

There have been times in my life when I was wrought with fear because I truly didn’t know the answer. What was right; the truth! Maybe it was a relationship where I wasn’t sure. I became weary of people saying “you’ll just know.” I used to think “maybe You just knew....

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My Ugly Beautiful Feet

My feet are not deformed, but they’re weird. They’re definitely not pretty. I have bunions and then my middle toe kind of curls under. Bunions - even the word itself sounds ugly. A friend of mine once asked while laying out... “what happened to your middle toe? Is it...

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…On our 10 Year Anniversary

I love him so much.  He has been this person in my life where all the things I wanted in a relationship (or thought I wanted) were dissolved and a new thing came about and started growing - one that I didn't know I wanted; one that I didn't know existed or was...

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